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Artisti di Montmartre


Thomas Pradeau

Thomas is one of my three sons. A genuine full-bred genius.

His clip 'Bain de Mousse' is dedicated to all those who think that life would be a happy proposition if one could just be left alone to quietly take a foam bath...

The title song of his latest CD is called 'Audrey' homage to his pretty girlfriend and mother of Lily, their baby daughter.

Listen to Thomas on Facebook, I trust you'll love him too.

Clara Quennefranc

Clara is a concert pianist.

Her soprano timbre touches you in her interpretation of Mozart's Cherubino as much as when she sings Kurt Weill's air of the Seeräuber Jenny.

In spite of her academic vocal and musical training, Clara feels most at home when she sings in the streets.

When you go to 'Coquelicot', legendary bakery on
the Hill of Montmartre, you may have the privilege of 'attending Clara's performance' at the corner of rue des Abbesses and rue Ravignan while you queue for that basic of French 'art de vivre', the baguette.

Sometimes she will give a concert at 'Le Village' a tiny yet authentic local café, rue des Abbesses, where the local community of the Hill likes to meet for an apéritif.

Clara is one of our favorite artists: actress, pianist, vocalist, she incorporates the spirit of Montmartre, where live is a feast, a celebration of humanity.


Mario Feninger

Like Clara, Mario is one of the artists produced by the 'Studios de Montmartre', i.e. collectively by all our clients.

So please enjoy one of the greatest contemporary pianists.

Want to know more about this spiritual son of Ferruccio Busoni and Arthur Rubinstein? Go to

Vincent Magni

You regret not having bought a Picasso when he was still affordable?

Buy a Vincent Magni today.

You can find him at most international art fairs where collectors are bidding fervently for his sculptures and paintings... Or simply relax in your private Paris apartment and enjoy the original Magni art works that decorate the rooms.

    Vincent Magni

You will find one of the famous Magni iron thread sculptures in the garden of the Sacre Coeur Studio and Montmartre's Gem.

Original paintings feature in Lola's Studio and the Million Dollar Views - Montmartre Terrace apartment.

The Picasso Studio (which is named that way because it is located next to Picasso's first atelier in Paris) and the Sacré Coeur Studio feature limited editions of his works.

Have a look at his website to discover this contemporary artist before you'll need to queue to see his works in the world's major museums.

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