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Founded in 2004 by Eva Léandre, Les Studios de Paris is a unique conglomeration of sorts. A blend of a rental agency, an interior design studio and an art gallery – all under the same hat. What unites the odd feathers of this rara avis is our main goal – making life more beautiful, integrating art and aesthetics in all our projects.

The following "behind the scenes" tour through our agency's major departments will help you better understand our core business philosophy and will provide you with a list of the right persons to contact in case of need.

Eva Léandre,

Jym Montfort,
Global Hotel Manager & Chef

Isabelle Garnier,


Renting an apartment:
Short-term, long-term or a last minute trip, we know that coming to Paris is special for you. That is why we provide more than just housing, we give you the key to an aesthetic experience. You want to live in Picasso's artistic atelier in Montmartre? Splash out like King Louis XIV in a fancy suite on l'Ile Saint Louis? Or come to be a modern Columbus on a houseboat moored on the river Seine? We've got the right apartment to suit your budget and needs and will do our best to grant you a singular and memorable Parisian experience.

Letting an apartment:
As people valuing aesthetics and pure vision, our landlords work together with us on our most cherished project of transforming simple lodging into an aesthetic experience. If you have an apartment in Paris which you wish to let for long or short term, our agents can offer you complete management of your property (including promotion, publicity, cleaning services and reception of your guests) as well as assessment on renovation, decoration and/or layout.



For booking that perfect apartment or letting your flat with Les Studios, please contact our booking managers Adrien, Adila or Yesica (

If you'd like to rent out your apartment, please contact us on


At Les Studios de Paris, we know that every property is unique and that all our clients have different needs. That is why we aim to make your "pied-à-terre" in Paris as unique of an experience as the city itself is. Whether you intend to live in your apartment, rent, sell or simply keep it as your "Parisian headquarters", we can handle the singularity of your project and provide a one-to-one client service. With an approach, tailored to suit your taste, requirements, budget and lifestyle, we tackle everything from home staging flats to project managing apartment makeovers. Sensitive to both aesthetics and functionality while designing a space, we focus on increasing its market value yet never at the price of beauty and style. And the best part is: you don't even need to be in Paris to have your apartment inventively repurposed by our team of talented professionals. We will do it all for you.

Lefteris Dotsios,
Interior and Fashion designer

Veronica Solari,
Interior Designer

To creatively reinvent your place, contact our Interior Designer Veronica Solari or Lefteris Dotsios (


Have you fantasized about having your own pied-à-terre in Paris? An apartment you could use whenever you want and rent out the rest of the time? Our team of professional realtors, architects, interior designers, jurists and hotel-branch specialists will make your plan a reality. Send us your specific requirements and we will go apartment hunting for you. Our top properties for sale are as various as they are fascinating. Currently, you can choose between a loft at Trocadero an iconic rooftop triplex with 360° views and a terrace on Montmartre (life annuity), a stunning French Rennaissance castle and even a piece of land at the foot of Mount Olympus in sunny Greece!



Siegfried Knebel,
Real Estate Sales Manager



For more information regarding Les Studios real estate opportunities, please contact our Real Estate Sales Manager Siegfried Knebel (


A private 5-star chef dinner cooked exclusively for you, a glamorous hairdo for that special Parisian night out, initiation to the French language by a private teacher, a personal shopper, chauffeur services, reservation of opera, concert and theatre tickets – these are just some of Les Studios' luxury services determined to render your Parisian stay pleasant and stress-free. With Les Studios de Paris, you can enjoy the best of both worlds – the reliability of a hotel and the intimacy of a custom-made guest experience. By helping our guests enjoy their life in Paris instead of organizing it, we deem that good quality and valued travel experiences have always been high on Les Studios' agenda.



To bring yourself up to date on our luxury services, please contact Barbara or Wiola ( or turn to your respective Local Hosts Acim and Lefteris.


Situated in the heart of Montmartre, Les Studios de Paris art gallery intends to live up to the fact that Montmartre is the one place in the world with the highest concentration of artists per square meter. We provide an open space for singular art, inviting and accessible to diverse audiences. We seek to produce exhibitions that will engage you, inspire and encourage you to experience the realms of art. Curating a range of artworks (from paintings and sculptures to objects of art), our gallery's driving philosophy is to bond art with people. We take pride in sponsoring artists who happen to be kindred spirits. Be our guest at 2, rue Androuet, Montmartre, Paris.


Art Gallery



Finally, the products of Les Studios de Paris' creative and marketing strategy are exclusively developed to help you live "À la parisienne" in the City of Light. Aimed at discovering the best Paris has to offer and charged with the unique responsibility of knowing the French capital inside out, our tireless and inquisitive author goes where chance takes her, all that in order to transmit the vibe of this magical city, initiate you to its primordial secrets and bring Paris closer to you – which is the prime mission of Les Studios' newsletter and blog.




For questions or suggestions on our creative content, please write to Victoria ( For any marketing issues contact David Bustamante (

We hope you enjoyed the tour and looking forward to hearing from you!


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